Turbocharging the Web with PHP 7 - Real time Performance Test

PHP 7 Real time Performance Test y Zend Team

The Zend Performance Team provides insight into the upcoming impact of PHP 7

We ran performance benchmarks on popular PHP apps to compare PHP 5.6, PHP 7, and HHVM 3.7

Run up to 3x Magento transactions on the same hardware

With execution time more than twice as fast compared to PHP 5.6 and 30% lower memory consumption - servers running PHP 7 will be able to serve up to 3x as many requests as those running PHP 5.6.

Drupal 8 runs 72% faster with PHP 7

WordPress Screams on PHP 7 You’ll need less servers to serve the same amount of users!

One WordPress request on PHP 5.6 executes just under 100M CPU instructions, while PHP 7
only executes 25M to do the same job.

We also tested how various PHP frameworks perform under PHP 7

SPOILER: Pretty Darn Well!

Wondering how PHP compares to other dynamic languages?

It has been faster than most of them for a while and, with 7, the gap grows even bigger.

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